Fiber Cement Siding

JTI Siding contractors specialize in installation of fiber cement siding. Fiber cement, also known as masonite siding, offers a similar look to masonry, stucco, or wood siding at a lower cost. Hence, this siding material has become a popular choice for many homeowners.

This type of siding gets its name from two of the main ingredients that go into making it: Portland cement and cellulose fiber. These materials are combined with sand, water, and usually some proprietary additives particular to the manufacturer to form a tough, durable, and stable cladding material.

Fiber cement siding is low-maintenance, strong, non-flammable, and termite-resistant. This siding material is available in a range of styles and textures. Furthermore, you may consider factory painting or finishes to achieve a custom look for the exterior of your house. Masonite siding offers the closest look to real wood when compared with traditional vinyl siding. So, if you want a wood-like appearance without the price and with better protection, then fiber cement siding is your choice.

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

fiber cement siding fayetteville arkansasBEAUTY Quality craftsmanship, authentic woodgrain textures and resilient finishes, combined with limitless color choices, make fiber cement siding the go-to material for homeowners wanting to create a unique look for their home.

DURABILITY Masonite siding is very durable and can withstand variations in weather conditions, such as snow, ice, heat, and freezing temperatures, without decaying.

LOW MAINTENANCE Just like vinyl siding, fiber cement requires little to no maintenance.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Combined with weather barriers and insulation, fiber cement siding can help increase the level of energy efficiency of your house.

GREEN PRODUCT The U.S. Green Building Council has recognized fiber cement siding for its durability and sustainability. 

Features to consider:

  • can be painted prior or after installation (must be painted within 90 days of installation if unpainted)
  • trim boards are available in various sizes
  • offers the same durability as cement
  • class 1A fire rating
  • resistant to wood-boring insects, does not rot or deteriorate from salt and ultraviolet rays
  • 50-year manufacturer’s warranty*
  • lower home insurance premiums for homes clad in fiber cement siding due to its durability and strength

*most manufacturers

Siding Manufacturers

fiber cement house siding fort smith arThere are several makers of fiber cement siding, and although they each have their own product lines and design features, most fiber cement products are similar. The common thread among all of these companies is that, beyond any particular proprietary additives, their products all share the same base ingredients. Further, all siding makers use common product classification. In other words, you’ll find they all manufacture planks and panels along with various trim details.

  • Cemplank
  • CertainTeed
  • GAF
  • James Hardie
  • MaxiTile
  • Nichiha

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