Stone Veneer Siding

JTI Siding prides itself on its exterior stone siding and faux stone siding (sometimes referred to as stone veneer siding) installations. We provide the highest quality stone siding for houses. Our stone siding and stone veneer siding is used for the construction of homes, offices, buildings, fireplace, chimneys, hardscapes, landscapes or any other architectural building project that demands the finest materials that are also cost effective, visually appealing, and long lasting.

What is Stone Siding for Houses and How is Stone Veneer Siding Different?

More than 30 years ago, manufactured stone siding (also known as faux stone siding or stone veneer siding) made its debut in the construction industry. Like every new idea, it started off slowly. Gradually, with improvements in quality and design, stone veneer siding won the confidence of builders, excited the imagination of architects, and fit the budget of renovators and homeowners. Today, it is widely used in all types of exterior and interior applications in both residential and commercial projects.

Veneer Stone Siding For Houses

This offers the appearance of natural stone with many additional benefits: material and labor costs are significantly lower and there is no need for special engineering due to its light weight. It can be used on all types of walls (plywood, brick, concrete, etc.) without foundations and footings. It is durable and resistant to low temperatures and moisture. Faux stone siding is available in dozens of different styles and earth tones, creating a great flexibility for designers. Wide selection of surface textures and stone thicknesses make it possible to create outstanding light and shade effects.
JTI Siding specializes in all types of lightweight, manufactured stone veneer siding / faux stone siding for houses and natural stone veneer panels designed for use in both interior and exterior rock-wall applications.

Choosing a rock style to suit a variety of presentations can be a daunting task. JTI Siding brings you many siding styles and color blends that can create anything from rustic to contemporary style treatments and formal or traditional applications as well. Manufactured stone veneer siding that looks like natural stone is increasing in popularity and is cheaper to buy. Architectural manufactured lightweight stone veneer siding products are hand crafted and molded from natural stones.

JTI installs a wide variety of styles and color blends that will appeal to homeowners, designers, architects, and builders alike. Whether the application is a residential or commercial interior or exterior presentation, we have installed faux stone siding products to suit each consumer.

veneer siding

Manufactured faux stone siding is made to look like real exterior stone siding while offering many more options for style and color assortments than you can possibly conceive of with a natural rock.

The blends of manufactured faux stone siding that are offered are suitable for both interior and exterior stone facing applications. Ledge stones are a very popular style of rock veneer available in rock siding panels for easy installation. Faux rock veneer panels are easy to handle, making them a popular stone veneer product for both interior and exterior siding treatments. Our ledge stone panels can be installed on fireplace facades, interior accent walls, exterior house facades, landscape walls, and columns.

Manufactured faux stone siding  is lightweight and easy to install almost anywhere. In addition, it is backed by a limited warranty. With the proper surface preparation, your exterior stone siding installation will last a lifetime on your exterior design project.

For the more discerning client, JTI Siding provides a collection of natural stone veneer siding in unique color combinations. Blending rock from local quarries, each choice is carefully selected to create an aesthetically pleasing assortment of color, texture, and shapes. Ashlar cut, rubble mix, and dimensionally cut ledge rock are saw cut to be one and a half inches thick, making this natural stone veneer siding lightweight and easy to install on an exterior façade or interior wall. Stone veneer siding can be used as the primary material for a façade; however, in some specific exterior wall applications, this siding is used more sparingly to add intricate details to the outside of a building that also has stucco, brick veneers, or other siding products.

JTI Siding serves customers throughout the Northeast Arkansas, including Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers and Springdale

Exterior stone siding

Stone siding is the most elite of all siding and comes with a highest cost of installation. The two options are real exterior stone siding and faux stone siding / stone veneer siding.

Stone is impenetrable by mother nature and will last a lifetime

• The look and feel of real stone siding is unmatched and is considered the Rolls-Royce of siding
• faux stone siding / stone veneer siding gives you a similar look to stone at about half the cost
• Both options are resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures, insects, and fire
• Stone siding as well as faux stone siding / stone veneer siding requires zero maintenance other than being cleaned with a pressure washer

JTI Siding’s exterior stone siding installation crews work in Stone Siding Fort Smith and Stone Siding Fayetteville as well as throughout the Northwest Arkansas area and the River Valley. We also service the following areas:

• Fayetteville Arkansas
• Bella Vista Arkansas
• Bentonville Arkansas
• Rogers Arkansas
• Springdale Arkansas

• Alma Arkansas
• Van Buran Arkansas
• Fort Smith Arkansas
• Muldrow Oklahoma
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