Project 2 – Large Subdivision Remodel

A large contractor required the remodeling of a substantial apartment complex.  The contractor needed a siding company that could get to work immediately and perform beyond expectations; this allowed the builder to hit its profitability goals.  There was a huge amount of soffit, fascia, and lap siding that needed to be replaced in a short period of time to meet the business objectives.  We knew we could exceed expectations, so we got to work immediately and beat all the contractor’s goals.  We never take on a job if we feel we won’t be able to help someone achieve their goals.

  • durable

    • withstands winds of 100 mph or higher
    • resists heat, cold, and moisture
    • lifetime warranty from many manufacturers
  • energy efficient

    • meets requirements to qualify under ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes
    • insulated siding is included in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
  • low maintenance

    • one and only non-absorptive cladding material
    • no repainting, caulking or re-pointing
    • periodic cleaning with mild soap and water
  • green

    • outperforms brick and fiber cement scores in tough environmental measures
    • no rotting, splitting or insect damage qualify siding as an indigenous material